Day Dream


Luis Giraldo, Vocals
Chris Sigerson
, Piano
Rick Kilburn, Bass


“Luis Giraldo’s debut, Day Dream, is a 50-minute journey through the silky joy of vocal jazz with a Latin Flavour. Colombia’s loss is Vancouver’s gain. The record features Chris Sigerson on piano and Rick Kilburn on bass. Although this chronicle contains many standards, Giraldo’s Spanish vocals diversify the album for lovely effect. Spanish is a most beautiful language. We need not know what the words mean to make up their meanings for us. Musical articulation is joy enough for those whose literacy does not provide for a direct translation of Spanish.” Gregory J. Robb from All About Jazz

“What a wonderful Eargasmic Experience listening to your sexilicious Day Dream. You have such a Jassy way aboutcha. KFAI listeners are in for a sweet treat…” Dee Williams from KFAI (Minneapolis).

“This is the best male vocal disc I’ve received in a very long time. My hat is off to you for the song selection, interpretation and trio format (not a lot of clutter to distract from the voice) I’m delighted with this release…” Gig Brown from KUNV (Las Vegas)

“Luis Giraldo approaches classic songs with respect and with his outstanding voice. His style recalls music from another era, and it’s great to know that artists like him are keeping this style of music and singing alive.” Marty Scarbrough from KASU (Jonesboro, Arkansas).

“The smooth mellow vocals of easy-listening king Luis Giraldo is embellished by tasteful, intimate Jazz; with a sprinkling of Latin standards in the album everyone will enjoy, ‘Day Dream’.” Malaya Entertainment, Philippines.